Bert & Daliborka Uenk

Maresa & Mia

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Bert and Daliborka Uenk worked as missionaries in Croatia for 17 years. In the summer of 2021 they ended their ministry and moved to the Netherlands. A big step for Daliborka and their daughters Maresa and Mia, since they never lived in the Netherlands before. Bert has found a new job, Daliborka is focussing on learning Dutch. ECM Netherlands will keep supporting the family till the end of 2021. Donations are still welcome!

Bert (Dutch) and Daliborka (Croatian) got to know each other when Bert came to Croatia to do short-term work for ECM. They married in 2005, after which they joined ECM as long term missionaries. Daliborka was active in children's and women ministries in the Baptist church of Karlovac. Bert, amongst other things, worked together with the Proplan Foundation to visit, listen to and practically support lonely elder people in the poorest regions of Croatia. 

Bert and Daliborka spread the light of Christ in Croatia. We are very grateful for all the work they did and we hope that God will now use them in the Netherlands to share the Gospel.

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