Georg & Sandra Haemmerle

We’d love to see Austrians trusting in the work of Jesus rather in their own good works.

Georg & Sandra are Austrians serving in Austria.

They are part of the FEG (free evangelical church) in Dornbirn and serve in various ministries to help the church grow and mature in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Georg is employed as a full time pastor by the church and he is part of the elders team. The aim of the FEG Dornbirn is to plant new churches in the area within the next decade. Sandra enjoys being a full-time mum for our three precious kids and witness of God’s grace (Georg does that too – not the mum bit though). She is passionate about music ministry and enjoys spending more time doing that now since our kids are growing older.

With the advantages of knowing culture and language, Georg and Sandra see this region as their long-term destiny, so that people may hear the good news of the one who came to seek and save what is lost

Austrian National Workers
País de origen

With ECM since 2011