Jacob & Janneke van den Bogerd

Judah, Jezra

"We see a huge opportunity to share the Gospel with a searching Italy"

Jacob and Janneke van den Bogerd are in preparation for a church planting ministry in Verona, Italy. They plan to move there in May 2020. Until then, they continue working for 'Licht!', a small, intercultural community in Breda, the Netherlands.

At the moment, Jacob and Janneke and their sons Judah and Jezra still live in Breda. Together with their team, they have been working on a church plant in the Breda quarter 'Heuvel' since 2012. The project is called 'Licht!' ('Light!') and wants to establish intercultural communities where people can experience wholeness and hope, where they can come home to God and bring others home as well. 'Licht!' is part of the ICP-network.

'Licht!' brings light and solidarity to a part of town where people live for themselves and often struggle with major problems. Through initiatives like a community center, the sale of second-hand children clothes and toys, a monthly brunch, Dutch language lessons, several courses, children's work and a band, Jacob and Janneke try to share the Gospel.

Over the last few years, Jacob and Janneke have felt a calling to continue their church planting work in post-catholic Italy. Italians are very religous (although few attend church anymore) and at the same time are very open for new spiritual ideas. "We see a huge opportunity to share the Gospel with this searching Italy", Jacob and Janneke say.

Jacob and Janneke want to move to Verona in May 2020. Their desire is to plant an Italian speaking, christian, intercultural community. "We want to build relationships with the people in our everyday life, like the parents of classmates of our sons, our neigbours, people in our quarter, people we meet during for example sport, etc. Our experience is that unforced, honest relationships and friendships offer many openings to talk about the Gospel."

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