Dennis van Gaalen

One important thing I have in common with ECM is that both ECM and I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to the questions and needs of today's Europe!

Dennis van Gaalen is a relationship manager at the Dutch office of ECM in Deventer. September 2015 he moved to Deventer and since then is he working for ECM. And in March 2017 he also got married in Deventer with his wife Anique.

Dennis was born and raised in Friesland, a province in the North of Holland, and studied Business Economics and Accountancy in Leeuwarden. He worked as an accountant in Heerenveen for five years. After that he studied at a Bible school in Sweden for one and a half years. In the beginning of 2016 he was a short-term missionary in India for four months.

Besides his work at ECM he is a part-time accountant for an accounting firm near Zutphen. He has a passion for missions and is curious to know what it is that drives people to live their lives the way they do. Through his curiousity and through the changes God has given him, he loves to share the love of Jesus with others.

País de origen

With ECM since 2015