Vision trip to Portugal

A corto plazo

Menos de un mes

Is your church considering supporting a new missionary? Want to know more about our work in Portugal? Interested in knowing more about the mission field in Europe in general? Then this is the trip!

We will help you, your group, to get to know mission in Europe. We'll also share with you the vision of ECM Portugal and show you how to communicate that vision to your home church. 

Seeing the work first hand is for many people an eyeopener. You'll spend time getting an understanding of the different opportunities we have for ministry. You'll return home with a clear vision of what God is doing in Portugal.

This vision trip can be done alone or in a group. We can provide for groups up to 8-10 people for a duration of max 2 weeks (except in December, July or August) 

Costs: =/- 25 euros per day.

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