Evangelism and Discipleship Leader for Mallorca Church Planting Projects

A largo plazo

5 years or more

ECM is collaborating with the Evangelical Church of Mallorca.  The church is looking to plant churches in several towns within the province where there are already a small number of believers.  This role would be leading and motivating a team of people from the main church.

Your priority as a church planter would be to support the cells which already exist in the towns of Calvia, Marraxti, Lucmajor and Andraxt (all within 30-40km of the capital) and some neighbourhoods within the city. You would be involved in creating new church plants, developing leadership and assiting the main church in maintaining and developing its mission vision. 

As a church planter, you would need gifts in evangelism and also discipleship of new and young believers. You should be bilingual in Spanish and English and ideally also speak German. If you do not already speak Spanish, there would be an essential requirement to learn Spanish in Mallorca before the role could begin. There would also be detailed and supervised orientation into the Spanish culture and church situation. Oversight would be from leaders within the church as well as the ECM Spain Field Director. Theological education is also required. 

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