Project volunteer in rehabilitation centre for addicts

A corto plazo

1-3 months

The Buen Samaritano rehabilitation centre for drug addicts is situated near to the southern Spanish town of Pozoblanco. Several ECM workers are actively involved in this centre which is aiming at the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, at supporting drug addicts and their families and the reintegration of ex-drug addicts. At the centre there are a vegetable garden, a green house and an olive orchard, in which the residents work in a program mainly based on occupational therapy.

The centre offers young people (aged between 18 and 30) the opportunity to take part in a project lasting from 6 to 12 months. There is (under certain conditions) an allowance available from the EVS (European Voluntary Service). Two projects are suggested:

1. Drug addiction and rehabilitation. You assist a supervisor during work therapy and relaxation activities for the residents and you carry out some jobs at the office, like making appointments, producing promotional materials and answering the phone.

2. Environment protection in Andalusia and maintenance of the ecosystem. You assist an agricultural technician in maintenance of the vegetable garden, the greenhouse and the olive orchard and together with the technician you develop ideas for the preservation of the environment.

The exact content of both projects will be adjusted to the background, abilities and wishes of the volunteer. Both projects take about 24 hours a week, plus about 8 hours of language study. The volunteers are accompanied by a mentor. You live in the nearby Pozoblanco in a shared apartment.

You are expected to have some basic knowledge of Spanish, to be responsible, to not consume any drugs (including tobacco) and to be open, tranquil and patient. It is important to realise that because of the target group, the work can be heavy. Male volunteers are preferred since all residents are male, though female volunteers will not automatically be rejected. In order to make use of the EVS allowance, you have to apply through a sending office which is registered as an EVS sending organisation (currently this is only ECM Netherlands). 

Please contact our colleagues at to receive more info on this placement or click on 'apply for this vacancy'.

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