How is managing an Instagram account going to change Europe? Come and join us in finding out!

A corto plazo

1-2 years, 6-12 months

European Christian mission loves Europe and we want to see Europe love Jesus. We want to meet people where they’re at and share Jesus with them. And where most people are at includes social media. Since the beginning Jesus followers have shared the Gospel by any and all means available. And now that includes Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Be a social media missionary for Europe!

  • Do you tell stories through pictures? Do you like making videos? Come help us capture the stories of how God is working in Europe
  • Do you like connecting with people through social media? Come use social media to connect people with the needs in Europe, the opportunities to get involved.

If you love serving God and encouraging others to do the same, if you love the opportunities social media has to be pushing people’s heads and hearts, if you’d enjoy being creative and engaging others in God’s plan for Europe, then maybe this is a unique way for you to get involved!

We’d love to be thinking creatively about how we communicate, and we’d love to be be doing more with our presence in digital media… but we need help. We’re currently offering opportunities in Ireland, Belgium and across Europe for people who are keen to use their social media and communication skills to see God’s mission extend and the Church grow. Why not check out one of these opportunities or get in touch to see how you can use the unique way God has made you to serve Him and serve the church in Europe.

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