Chloë Wolfson

To be another example for the Spanish people of what it is to accept that Jesus really is the Lord, raised and reigning. To show the difference it makes in how we live, and pray that God will bring Spaniards to accept Jesus.

Church Planting in Rural Andalucia

Think Spain and one thinks of sun, siestas, paella... and might even think, “That’s a religious country, why should a missionary go there?” In Spain the church is considered by the majority to be irrelevant. Over 13 million people live in towns, villages and districts where there is no evangelical church. Many of those in the church are the only Christian their friends and family know.

Spain needs more churches in areas where there are none, and people who can come alongside Christians, discipling and encouraging them to live transformed lives and make Christ known. There is so much need here for Christians just to be living out their faith, loving people and sharing Jesus with them....

 Short Term Coordinator

As well as being part of a church plant in a rural village, Chloë is part of the team that coordinates short term mission across ECM in Europe. By facilitating short term mission, they see people encounter God's heart, expand their perspective and extend God’s kingdom supporting long term and national ministry.

País de origen

With ECM since 2009